Workout Wednesdays: Spin

I love fitness. I mean I know it seems like I would rather drink daiquiris and eat cake by the pool BUT working out is a huge passion of mine. (Though that wouldn’t be a bad life…) I spend a lot of my time reading up on nutrition and the latest fitness craze. Many of the blogs I read focus on health and fitness and this is where I find my inspiration.

Growing up, I always played sports. Once I got to college, I still played sports through intramurals, but also began working out in the gym on a daily basis. I enjoyed the different classes, and the eye candy wasn’t too bad either ;). I went to a Turbokick class every other day and even became a certified instructor (and have yet to teach a class..oops). I feel like I know so much more about health and fitness now than I did when I was just a freshman in college. It’s something that I actually ENJOY learning about.

Recently, I decided to switch up my workouts. I get up in the morning around 6 and am in the gym by 6:30 Monday-Friday. I used to be a cardio queen. I’d run miles on end. Nowadays, I try to fit in strength training 3x a week; Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are dedicated to cardio.

I wanted to find something else besides running and the elliptical for my cardio sweat sesh. Luckily, my apartment gym has a studio with spinning bikes. Score!! I went on a mission to find a good spinning workout to use every once in a while and, thanks to Women’s Health Magazine, I found a good one. I left the gym exactly how I wanted to….sweaty with jello legs. They also provided a list of songs to put with this, but I made my own playlist:

  1. Young Wild and Free- Wiz Khalifa ft Snoop Dogg
  2. Million Dollar Bill- Whitney Houston
  3. Peaches n Cream- 112
  4. Moves Like Jagger- Maroon 5
  5. Call Me Maybe- Timeflies Tuesday
  6. Perfect Day- Lady Antebellum
  7. Cry- Bingo Players
  8. Cruise- Florida Georgia Line
  9. Green Light- John Legend
  10. Echa Pa’lla- Pitbull
  11. Fine By Me- Andy Grammer

Random I know. I did my best to coordinate the rhythm of the song with the RPM of my pedaling and it turned out pretty good. I did have to repeat #10 because it was too short! Find a bike and try this butt-kicking workout. You’ll be sore and your muscles will thank you:)

Cheers xx

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