Take Me To London

Like right now. Please. My excitement for the 2012 London Olympics began when the Today Show started their countdown to The Games. Swimming, Gymnastics, Diving, Track & Field…they’re all awesome. And their talent, strength and ability just simply astounds me. My body hurts after a week straight of working out. Four years, day in and day out, of training? Ow.

So when the long and stressful work week came to a close, I bet you know what I was doing. No, I was not at happy hour. No, I was not out celebrating the weekend with friends. I came straight home. Put on pajamas. Popped some popcorn. Poured a large glass of red wine. And tuned in to the Opening Ceremonies. Happy and content.

Then I got bored. Uhhh? I was a bit confused as to what was going on with the performance. But, let’s be honest. All I really cared about was what Kate Middleton was wearing, and was impatiently waiting for the camera to scan back to her and Wills.

Photo Courtesy of NOW Daily: http://www.nowmagazine.co.uk

Perfect. Ever since the Royal Wedding, my sister and I have had a slight obsession with Kate & Pippa. Kelly is Kate, and I am Pippa. I had a friend ask why she’s Kate when I’m the older sister. Well..Kelly is taller and has a more slender build. I am shorter with a more athletic build. Not to mention the fact that I am perpetually single. (We may or not may not call my Kelly’s boyfriend Wills.)

Photo Courtesy of: Celebuzz

Identical. London is probably #1 on my “Places I NEED to Visit” list. I’m absolutely dying to go. I think that’s part of the reason I’m so excited for these Olympic games. The accents, the pubs, the Royals, the shopping. What more could a girl want? One day the American Kate & Pippa will meet the real Kate & Pippa.

But for now…Cheers to Team USA! I’ll be cheering for them stateside xx


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