Practicing Photography

It certainly has been a while since I’ve posted! I guess my Birthday Week wiped me out for a good 6 months huh? In the time that’s passed, a lot has happened, but one thing in particular has moved me to begin posting again.

I have declared a new hobby that, in time, I WILL be good at–Photography. I wanted to take on a hobby that would help me to learn something new. Something that I would have to work at.¬†For about a year now, I have been eager to buy a DSLR camera and learn how to take beautiful pictures, using the Manual mode (eek!). After much contemplation and an ongoing internal struggle, I bit the bullet and bought a used Canon Rebel XT 350d.


I knew I didn’t need something brand new, just something I could learn with. This guy is perfect! I’ve ordered a book, “Understanding Exposure,” and have already learned a lot about the many facets of picture taking. I plan to take a class sometime in the near future–baby steps!

I had the chance to attend a Miami Marlins game, with seats that were four rows back from the home team’s dugout! I brought my camera along and tried my best to snap away, with some sort of knowledge of what I was doing. I definitely got some great shots of a couple players (Chase Utley!) and one angry fan :).










I can’t wait to practice and share my progress through Cupcakes and Grapes xoxo