Key West.

Ever since Spring Break my senior year, my friends and I have been completely obsessed with Key West. It was the first time any of us had gone, despite my living in Florida my whole life. The sun, the water, the drinks, the people, RICK’s and Duval. We all couldn’t wait to get back.

So when it came time for the first of us to get married, the Bachelorette party destination was indisputable. Key West, of course. Since my home base is Fort Lauderdale, I had one of my besties fly in for the night before we left. It was so wonderful catching up over wine and sweet potato fries. We savored the downtime before the craziness began.

The next morning we headed out on the road, eager to see the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, our plan for beach time was interrupted by traffic and we didn’t arrive until late afternoon. But once we did, it was a nonstop party.

I managed to snap a few shots laying on the beach, nursing a hangover, but I’ll leave the fun ones for Instagram;)








I am counting the days until I am reunited with everyone for the nuptials. It can’t come soon enough! xo


Take Me To London

Like right now. Please. My excitement for the 2012 London Olympics began when the Today Show started their countdown to The Games. Swimming, Gymnastics, Diving, Track & Field…they’re all awesome. And their talent, strength and ability just simply astounds me. My body hurts after a week straight of working out. Four years, day in and day out, of training? Ow.

So when the long and stressful work week came to a close, I bet you know what I was doing. No, I was not at happy hour. No, I was not out celebrating the weekend with friends. I came straight home. Put on pajamas. Popped some popcorn. Poured a large glass of red wine. And tuned in to the Opening Ceremonies. Happy and content.

Then I got bored. Uhhh? I was a bit confused as to what was going on with the performance. But, let’s be honest. All I really cared about was what Kate Middleton was wearing, and was impatiently waiting for the camera to scan back to her and Wills.

Photo Courtesy of NOW Daily:

Perfect. Ever since the Royal Wedding, my sister and I have had a slight obsession with Kate & Pippa. Kelly is Kate, and I am Pippa. I had a friend ask why she’s Kate when I’m the older sister. Well..Kelly is taller and has a more slender build. I am shorter with a more athletic build. Not to mention the fact that I am perpetually single. (We may or not may not call my Kelly’s boyfriend Wills.)

Photo Courtesy of: Celebuzz

Identical. London is probably #1 on my “Places I NEED to Visit” list. I’m absolutely dying to go. I think that’s part of the reason I’m so excited for these Olympic games. The accents, the pubs, the Royals, the shopping. What more could a girl want? One day the American Kate & Pippa will meet the real Kate & Pippa.

But for now…Cheers to Team USA! I’ll be cheering for them stateside xx