Key West.

Ever since Spring Break my senior year, my friends and I have been completely obsessed with Key West. It was the first time any of us had gone, despite my living in Florida my whole life. The sun, the water, the drinks, the people, RICK’s and Duval. We all couldn’t wait to get back.

So when it came time for the first of us to get married, the Bachelorette party destination was indisputable. Key West, of course. Since my home base is Fort Lauderdale, I had one of my besties fly in for the night before we left. It was so wonderful catching up over wine and sweet potato fries. We savored the downtime before the craziness began.

The next morning we headed out on the road, eager to see the rest of the crew. Unfortunately, our plan for beach time was interrupted by traffic and we didn’t arrive until late afternoon. But once we did, it was a nonstop party.

I managed to snap a few shots laying on the beach, nursing a hangover, but I’ll leave the fun ones for Instagram;)








I am counting the days until I am reunited with everyone for the nuptials. It can’t come soon enough! xo


Practicing Photography

It certainly has been a while since I’ve posted! I guess my Birthday Week wiped me out for a good 6 months huh? In the time that’s passed, a lot has happened, but one thing in particular has moved me to begin posting again.

I have declared a new hobby that, in time, I WILL be good at–Photography. I wanted to take on a hobby that would help me to learn something new. Something that I would have to work at. For about a year now, I have been eager to buy a DSLR camera and learn how to take beautiful pictures, using the Manual mode (eek!). After much contemplation and an ongoing internal struggle, I bit the bullet and bought a used Canon Rebel XT 350d.


I knew I didn’t need something brand new, just something I could learn with. This guy is perfect! I’ve ordered a book, “Understanding Exposure,” and have already learned a lot about the many facets of picture taking. I plan to take a class sometime in the near future–baby steps!

I had the chance to attend a Miami Marlins game, with seats that were four rows back from the home team’s dugout! I brought my camera along and tried my best to snap away, with some sort of knowledge of what I was doing. I definitely got some great shots of a couple players (Chase Utley!) and one angry fan :).










I can’t wait to practice and share my progress through Cupcakes and Grapes xoxo

Busy Bee

Phewww. It’s been a long couple weeks, but I’m back! A few milestones have occurred since my last post. For starters, this month marked my one year anniversary of living in Fort Lauderdale. Crazy how time flies! I remember packing up all my belongings and settling into that extended stay in the middle of the ghetto like it was yesterday. I was so excited to begin my adult life in South Florida and now I feel like my “adult life” is moving too fast! A year?! Ah. Despite having a Driver’s License with my “new” address, I still don’t feel like a permanent resident. I mean, my dining room is still tableless. Oops!

I also received some big news last week…I got a promotion! Before this job, I could have been named the Intern Queen. I could get an internship easy, but a full-time position was a different story. Since this is technically my first big girl job, this is the very first promotion I have ever gotten (and hopefully not the last!). With the promotion comes more responsibility, of course, and also more money (cha-ching!).

Celebrations for my promotion were in order. And the first order of business was the Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan concert. This concert was AWESOME and I will now forever be obsessed with Luke Bryan. I can confidently say he has all the qualities my husband should have, and I learned all this from watching him sing for an hour. Duh. Unfortunately, in typical Florida summer fashion, it was pouring. We tailgated in the car. And then I proceeded to walk to the amphitheatre with a towel on my head, while simultaneously attempting to crush a last minute brew. Cute. My Mickey Mouse pancho definitely would have come in handy. Luckily, my partner in crime snuck an emergency poncho from one of the ticket takers.

The poncho did for me things a towel just couldn’t….like keep my clothes dry. My hair was a mess, my feet were soaked and dirty. But somehow, a $10 beer kept my mind distracted from those problems.

Last weekend, I took a trip home for a friend’s bridal shower and some good old fashioned family time with my old roommates…my parents. I love going to see them for a couple reasons. They’re my parents and I love them, and they also feed me.

Linda’s Famous Homemade Pizza

My mom found a Publix ice cream flavor that is seriously out of this world. It’s called Otter Paws and I was tempted to eat the whole gallon, on multiple occasions. I held myself back and chose to down the Nut-trition Energy Mix instead.

My parents treated me to delicious dinner at a local favorite. There’s nothing like a good dinner with some good wine and the best mom and dad you can ask for.

Besides eating my way through the weekend, I was able to get my hair done for the first time in MONTHS. Like, literally. Months. My ends needed trimming and my grays needed coloring. (Yes, I’m 26 with gray hair.)

I came out feeling brand new and wanted to show off my new strands. So, I went to see my grandma, who proceeded to hand me an Elle magazine and a can of mase. Obviously. I don’t make this stuff up people.

This week it’s back to the grind (in my new position!) and this weekend should bring some fun times. I think South Beach is calling my name…..

Cheers! xx